Putting up trail cams and the itching that followed...

There's nothing like riding back to the same spot that I used to hunt as a kid.  It brings back many happy memories of cold mornings that consisted of a numb nose and frozen toes, trying to stay awake while also trying to not shiver, bringing my lever action 30-30 up to my shoulder for the first deer I ever saw on a hunt.

Well this most recent trip to those woods has left me with memories... they are not quite like the ones I have from childhood.  You've probably all done the same thing.  You get busy and forget to plan around the soy beans or corn being planted.  I was so busy and waited so long I could no longer get a tractor back there, but i just had to get out and cut some lanes on my hunting ground and put up my trail cams.  I had waited so long, all the brush had grown to about eye level.

I figured its nothing my four wheeler cant handle, and I was right, however the part I missed in planning all this was the fact that my arms and face were exposed and getting whacked by 6 foot tall plants, vines, "sticker" bushes, etc..  No matter, I thought.  I kept on pushing and eventually got my trail cams up and mineral put out.  So I loaded up and went home cleaned up and called it a night.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I woke up with what appears to be poison ivy.. Adam-0, Urushiol-1.  So the lesson learned from this trip is that I need to either one wear long sleeves, or two not wait so long to cut lanes on my land and put up trail cameras.  

Comment below and tell me what you do to prevent this mess from hapenning or if you want to, share a time you had a run in with the nasty itchy stuff.

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