It's Official Now..

After a few weeks of prayer, long conversations, several trips to the bank and CPA, my wife and I are now the owners of Bluegrass Bucks.  Nothing is changing as far as the product goes, rest assured the great mineral and attractant that we offer is still the same.  Instead of working it for someone else, it's now ours. 

We are so very excited to begin this new chapter of our lives and to see what it brings.  We are looking forward to meeting new people, making happy customers and seeing lots of trail cam pics of some good looking deer!

There is an ongoing PROMO code active right now, SUMMER15, use it until the end of summer for 15% off all products.  Make sure you get your mineral out soon and get those trail cameras set up if you haven't already, we would love to see your deer!

If you have any pictures post them below or just say hi and let us know what you think of our mineral.

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